Immigrant Welcome Centre

Free Professional Services for Immigrants & Newcomers

Presentations, workshops and training can be tailored according to specific needs of each group, agency, organization, institution or company. These sessions can range from one hour to a multi-day trainings, depending on needs.



Are you wondering if your work environment is ready for more international participation? Have you wondered how to market your services or product to an international audience? We can help. Contact us to discover what services would match your needs today.



Embracing cultural diversity in the workforce is incredibly important to ensure business success. Being culturally aware can reduce staff turnover, increase morale and increase sales and profits in your organization.

We have been offering diversity training for business owners, staff and organizations since 1992. We provide information, resources and consultation to groups, organizations, institutions and companies. We help you create a more culturally sensitive environment for your clients or customers.

We will collaborate with you to develop discrimination policies, assessment tools and training on a number of topics.

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